New relationships are like a new toy—shiny and clean. So precious you want to look after it and will go to great lengths to protect it from breaking. You take care of  the new toy with a level of respect. It makes you high at the thought of it.

Then after having the toy for several months, the adrenaline that pumped through your veins has slightly diminished. You still like the toy but it just doesn’t have the same appeal. Some may decide it’s time to get a new toy. For those who choose to stick with it, there are simple measures you can put in place to maintain that ‘as new’ shine.

1.     Keep it interesting

Tuesday night: dinner. Thursday night: movies. Saturday night: friends. Sunday night: your regular takeaway. This is a one-way street to boredomville! Let’s face it, there are some of us that love the idea of routine, and a little routine can be healthy, but too much routine will leave you both predicable and a little dull. As the saying goes, ‘life begins outside your comfort zone’ so keep it interesting, try new things together and live where it’s not so familiar.

 2.     Romance needs to live on

The heady rush of a new relationship can be kept alive and well—simply by romancing each other. Do things for one another that get the other excited. It could be as simple as texts throughout the day, flowers, a candlelit dinner or a night of indulgence. Every catch up doesn’t necessarily need to be a romance-driven affair; however, simple romantic gestures along the way deepen a relationship.

 3.     Be fun / have fun

Having fun together reminds you both why you are together in the first place. Fun could be a weekend under the covers, a night out dancing or a bike ride. Whatever your idea of fun is, do it together and laugh. Laughter keeps you young and fun to be around.

 4.     Make plans together

Planning for the future together can be exciting. Plan a holiday, a weekend away. A special occasion gives you both something to look forward to together as a couple. Create a bucket list together of things you want to see, do, be, have.

 5.     Keep dating

Get off the couch and continue to date each other. Planning special nights out or setting up a weekly date night to spend quality time together as you did in the early stages keeps a relationship strong. It gives you a chance to communicate one to one and enjoy each other’s company.

 On average, couples are reaching the end of the shiny, new honeymoon period after dating from approximately six months. Some peak earlier and some stay in the honeymoon period for years. This will generally be when the first argument occurs, and will prove to be a test of how you relate to one another in a time of conflict.

Applying our top five tips will help hone the shine whilst transitioning into the next stage of your relationship which can be an amazing experience where you will learn about each other on a deeper level.