Welcome to Week 28 of The 52 Week Love Project – Acts of Kindness. The project designed to recognize 52 inspiring humans who are giving back to our community – whether in a small way or by creating a movement for change and inspiration.

The project showcase’s LOVE at it’s finest, share their stories – what they do and why they do it!  It’s an opportunity for us to find out what inspires them and what keeps them going when challenges or self-doubt assail them.

Meet Penelope the Creator of Women in Power

This is what Penelope said about Self Doubt:

“At one point or another, we all question whether or not we are doing enough, making enough money, or if we are going to be “successful” enough. I know this firsthand, as I’ve spent long periods of my young adult life in a persistent state of fear & self-doubt.

 I’ve learned from my experiences is that if I don’t nip the self-limiting thoughts in the bud right away, this “woe is me” mindset can become debilitating.”



Women in Power began in 2015 when four successful and driven women realised the lack of female representation within high-risk industries, particularly the electrical and electrotechnology industries.


Women in Power is a Not-For-Profit organisation whose mission is to promote and improve the energy, construction and resources industries by the advancement of women within it.

It provides a forum for its members to meet and exchange information, ideas, and solutions and offers individual members an opportunity to expand personal and business networks, maintain awareness of industry developments, improve skills and knowledge, and make a contribution to other women in the energy, construction and resources industry.

Women in Power’s objectives are:

• To unite women actively involved in the various areas of the energy, construction and resources industries for their mutual benefit
• To promote co-operation, fellowship and a better understanding among members of Women in Power
• To promote education and contribute to the betterment of the energy, construction and resources industries
• To encourage women to pursue and establish careers in various sectors
• To provide members with an awareness of issues relating to the industry.

Women in Power provides an extensive range of activities to assist and promote women in industry through:
• Education seminars
• Mentoring programs
• Community involvement
• Advocacy on behalf of Women in the energy, construction and resources industries
• Regular events
• Newsletters
• Awards program
• Marketing
• Sponsorship activities
• Liaison with like-minded related associations.


My co-founders and I were inspired by each other. We were disappointed by the female representation within the industries in which we worked so we made it our mission to ensure that women in any industry are able to be empowered and advance through her chosen career. Our work starts from a very young age, with education programs in kindergarten and primary schools and continues through to training and coaching/mentoring services to women in employment and on Boards.

Every day we are reminded of the great work we are doing through seeing people that we have mentored continue to succeed. One of the greatest moments we have had recently is seeing young children’s faces light up when they have successfully put together an electrical circuit to make a fan work or a light bulb glow.


At one point or another, we all question whether or not we are doing enough, making enough money, or if we are going to be “successful” enough. I know this firsthand, as I’ve spent long periods of my young adult life in a persistent state of fear and self-doubt.

What I’ve learned from my experiences is that if I don’t nip the self-limiting thoughts in the bud right away, this “woe is me” mindset can become debilitating.

A couple of things that help me with my self-doubt and boost my confidence are:

  • Stop comparing your accomplishments to your friends’ and colleagues’ accomplishments.
  • Forget about what everyone else is thinking of you.
  • Make a decision and correct the course as you go – you don’t have to be right all the time.
  • Listen to and read positive material on a daily basis – education is the most powerful tool we have to change the world.
  • Find your tribe – a group of dedicated people who will have your back, and surround yourself with positive relationships.
  • Go to your mantras for support – I have a mantra that my family came up with years ago that I repeat whenever doubt starts creeping in. These mantras remind me of how far I have come and that I am doing great things.


It’s up to each and every one of us RIGHT NOW to formulate our future and the future of our children so let’s start making the change now! Be the change you want to see in the world. Embrace diversity, because by doing so, our understanding of our world, and our emotional and intellectual horizons are expanded, making us worthy advocates for others and better members of the communities in which we will grow, work and live.

Most importantly for my fellow womenfolk: whether they are six-inch stilettos or steel-capped boots, un-glue yourself from the sticky floor and shatter the glass ceiling into millions of pieces and, when you do so, please make sure I am there to witness it.


I have TWO!

The first one is:

Every breakdown can be a breakthrough.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had periods in your life that were so full of chaos and tragedy that you honestly didn’t know if you’d ever fully recover. Times when you pass every day feeling sad and eventually graduate to suffocating full-blown depression.

What I’ve noticed during these episodes of my life is that I tend to have very similar habits, one of which is procrastination. I would feel so focused on being overwhelmed that I was completely stuck, unable to do anything. BUT, with a dedicated tribe beside you and goals, one can break these patterns and turn break-points into growth opportunities.

The second is:

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says ‘Oh Crap, She’s Up!.

Get out there and be amazing – don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 


  • I am the co-founder and CEO of General Manager Pty Ltd – General Manager Pty Ltd is a corporate consultancy providing services both nationally and internationally to high-risk industries in business resilience, people and culture and management consulting. Clients have included Santos, QGC, GAM, AMEC, MCG Group, BHP Billiton, BG Group, Glencore, Rio Tinto, Xstrata, Thiess, Leighton, John Holland, Baulderstone, Abigroup, Bechtel, Strike Energy and more.
  • I am a Director of Durack College, previously St. Margaret’s College, which is a college supporting and preparing students with the skills to navigate tertiary course programs and meet academic rigour required of their chosen discipline. The College aims to prepare students with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing job market of the 21st century as well as leverage its’ network of strategic partners to support part-time employment opportunities for students as well as graduates of the College to gain admission to selective graduate programs and secure employment at the best organisations.
  • I am a national Advocate for White Ribbon Australia and a keynote speaker for Saxton, speaking on various topics from overcoming adversity and being a better you to digital disruption and the future of work.


Our website can be founder here:  www.penelopetwemlow.com

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