Welcome to Week 42 of The 52 Week Love Project – Acts of Kindness. The project designed to recognize 52 inspiring humans who are giving back to our community – whether in a small way or by creating a movement for change and inspiration.

Sherry and Rosemary created a joint venture called ‘Secret Agents of change: Operation Love” They have secret agents around the world offering love in surprising and wonderful ways! 

Sherry’s advise for those that want to make a difference to others:

“Trust yourself. Trust what sparks for you. Follow all the pinpricks of light that you see along your path.  Know that there is no right way, no right answer, no right result.”


I participated in a class in which we were encouraged to send money to people who had brought abundance to our lives. This was an exercise in being in the flow. It was also a unique gratitude activity.

One of the people I sent $5 to was a beautiful poet, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. I didn’t know Rosemerry but loved and appreciated her work.

Rosemerry wrote a poem about receiving my appreciation + the $5 bill. She called it, “Secret Agents of Change,” and posted it on Facebook.

So many people loved her poem and exclaimed, “I want to be a secret agent!” Rosemerry and I decided to team up and offer an official 7-day Operation Love challenge.

(You can read the full story here: https://www.wordwoman.com/)

Here is Rosemerry’s poem that started it all!

Secret Agents

(for Sherry Richert Belul)

With a LOVE stamp, the woman I’ve never met
mailed me five dollars, “to be a reminder
that abundance can come unexpectedly,”

she wrote, and sitting with her letter in my lap,
I thought of last night’s snow—
five white inches that fell after midnight

and softened the whole hard world. 
And I thought of the orchid on my mantle
that sprouted a new stem of purple buds

even as the other stem continued to bloom.
And I thought of my office mate bringing in
nine tins of exotic teas to share. And my daughter

sending me a text to say she loved me “soooo much.” 
And I thought of a woman in a town a thousand
miles away, a woman I have never met,

who thought, “I think I’ll send five dollars
to someone who brought abundance into my life.” 
How simple it is to manifest unforeseen joy.

How clear the invitation to extend gratitude, 
to spread good will, to remind each other
how the world will offer itself, will open

and open and open, how we, ourselves, 
are the agents of the world.

— Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer


Rosemerry and I launched “Secret Agent Challenge: Operation Love.” Each day we posted a video in which Rosemerry reads one of her poems and within that poem was the secret mission our agents had to fulfil — should they choose to accept it!

We had dozens of secret agents out in the world offering love in surprising and wonderful ways!

One day they wrote gratitude notes. Another day they celebrated someone who attempted something but didn’t quite accomplish what they hoped. Another day they forgave someone or something.  They made gifts of love, they left art in unexpected places, they surprised people at work with chocolate gifts, they wrote loving notes, they thanked strangers, they offered help where it was needed.

You can read all their “Mission completed” notes in our Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/SecretAgentsOfChange


Many years ago, I was a very depressed person — filled with doubt, anxiety, and self-loathing. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was never living up to expectations for how or who I should be. I always fell short. All those mean voices in my head kept me in a very dark place, so much so that I wanted off this planet.

By some grace, I was led to a meditation class. As I walked into the class, I remember feeling like a solid iron wall was closing in on me. I couldn’t escape the depression.

But on one of the in breaths, a miracle happened: I had a moment of relief. No pain! It was like a tiny pinprick of light in that solid iron wall.

The next day, I started looking for little pinpricks of light in order to experience moments of freedom from that dark depression. I felt it when I held my purring cat or tasted the blueberry jam on my bread or noticed the slant of the sun through the window.

As the weeks passed, I realized I could not only notice pinpricks of light, I could create them! I started planning things that brought light to my life — meeting a friend after work to walk on the beach, listening to music I loved when I first woke up, taking a hot bath with eucalyptus bubbles.

THEN, the REAL MAGIC happened: I realized that there are a lot of people who are lost in the dark. I discovered that the secret sauce to happiness is to GIVE PINPRICKS OF LIGHT to others!!!! (And in doing so, I was the first recipient of the joy!)

I dedicated my life to celebrating tiny moments and bringing joy to others. This is what inspires everything I do.


I have a practice of creating and listening to self-coaching audios. These audios remind me over and over again that “This is not about me.” My job is to listen to all the inspirations and nudges that come from Life and to do my best to carry out those plans. If Life drops in an idea, like it did the Secret Agents, I don’t question it. I take action and know whether it “works” or “doesn’t work” is not my business. My business is to listen and act with all the joy and energy I have.


Trust yourself. Trust what sparks for you. Follow all the pinpricks of light that you see along your path.  Know that there is no right way, no right answer, no right result. Joy is a practice + we can celebrate the process! Oh, and very important to remember: “small things are no small thing! Every single act of kindness or love you offer ripples out into the world in countless ways you will never know!”



This is my guiding force in life: “Never underestimate the power of a single pinpoint of light in the darkness. Celebrate now. Say it now. “


I help people celebrate themselves and the people they love. My company, Simply Celebrate, offers customized tribute books and other one-of-a-kind gifts that inspire us to celebrate, share, and build beautiful relationships. I am also a certified high performance coach who supports people in living their best life — full of color, connection, joy, and celebration.


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