The 6 Texting Rules –  How To Text your Crush and get a positive response…

When it comes to dating, there are texting rules you need to follow.

I know, I know! “Why can’t we just say we’re attracted to each other and go out on a date like in the old days?!”

Like it or not, the dating world has changed a lot over the last 10 years. What you do and say via text often matters so much more than what you do in real life. If you make the wrong moves, say the wrong things at the wrong times or – gulp! – send an inappropriate emoji – you could find yourself being ghosted.

Not cool!

Rest assured all will be okay because we’re here to share with you the texting rules of dating that will keep someone’s’ interest before you guys even meet. Let’s take a look!


Have Something To Say

Even if you’re insanely hot and someone is clearly super interested in you, their interest will eventually wane if you’ve got no texting game – in other words, if you’ve got nothing to say beyond one word answers and the crying-with-laughter emoji the other person will get exhausted with trying to make conversation and they will get bored.

Either that or they’ll just assume you’re no longer interested in them.

To standout via text, you need to have things to say. Instead of a one-word answer like “yeah”, think about how you can elaborate.

If they ask you how your day was, think about the funniest or best thing that happened to you and mention it.

Ask Questions

Asking too many questions can make a conversation look forced and unnatural, but asking no questions at all can bring about its premature death.

Questions via text engage people. They send the conversation firing off in another direction and invite interesting answers.

Plus, they show the other person that you’re interested in them.

Try to avoid the obvious questions as much as possible. It’s nice to be asked how our day was but to really stand out via text, you need to think outside the box and ask them questions that will truly engage them and which will really open up the conversation.

Get the Length of your Text Right 

How long should a text message be? Ideally, it should be short, but the texting rules of dating have it that length doesn’t matter as much as content.

All texting conversations should start out short, snappy and a bit flirty. But as you guys text more and more, you might find that your texts are getting longer and longer.

There’s nothing wrong with this – the texts are building up their own natural momentum as the two of you get to know each other. Don’t worry that a text is too long. If the other person has just sent you a fairly long text, it shows they’re clearly up for some conversation.

Of course, long texts take a while to compose. If you’re busy and can’t keep up with the longer texts, just find a way of making them shorter. Address the main points but cut out the fluff. Remember, what matters more than anything is that a text is interesting and engaging.

Be Friendly and Funny

OMG never come across as angry or annoyed via text before you’ve even met someone. This is texting rule #1.

All your texts need to be light, flirty, friendly and – where possible – funny.

Tone is so important. Sure, you might find yourself addressing more serious topics, such as past relationships, at some point but you always need to stay in control of your emotions.

Having a bad day? Caution: Do not let your mood spill over into your texts.

Take It Easy

If they haven’t texted back for a while, it’s important that you don’t panic. If you guys have been building rapport via text and really getting along, there’s absolutely no reason they won’t eventually get back to you.

Remember that at this stage they’re probably just as attracted to you as you are to them. By staying calm, taking it easy and not asking where they are, you’re enhancing your attractiveness.

Don’t Get Sucked Into Endless Texting

Lastly, make a date already!

Seriously, if you guys have been enjoying texting marathons for over a week but no plans have been made for a date – get it sorted!

The longer you text without meeting, the more likely it is that you’ll lose all the momentum you’ve been building, as well as that initial spark.

These are the basic texting rules of dating. Remember to talk, ask questions, flirt, be friendly and funny – and take it easy. And before it’s too long, make plans for a date dammit 😉