Tinder Overall Review


Value for money




Unique features


Ease of use


No of users



  • Easy to set up and use
  • free to use basic features
  • Set the radius of those you want to meet


  • Tinder controls your primary image selection
  • Tinder Plus - costly for extra functions

Tinder! Regardless of your relationship status – everyone has heard about Tinder.  The dating app responsible for the dirty thumb print that is left on many a phone screen from hours of choosing a match based on some sparing details and an array of selfies!

Tinder changed the dating world as we know it. Rocking the Australian dating scene with its fast, easy-to-use Dating App that has been a hot topic for any group of singleton’s.

Launching in September 2012 in the US, Tinder removes human nature’s number one dating fear – rejection! Tinder has taken a simplistic approach to meeting others, making it fun and easy to choose the people you would like to hook up with.

Without the need to fill in questionnaires, there is the option to include a brief summary about yourself or describe what you are looking for in a partner. This is free text so go wild. You can even speak your life in Emoji’s if words are not your thing!

Creating an Account

  • Tinder uses your Facebook profile as part of your account information. It only takes a couple of moments to set up your Tinder account and you are on your way to meeting new people!
  • All photos displayed on your Facebook account (including those you have previously used as you profile shot) are visible on your Tinder account.

Search Functions

  • Tinder uses your geographical location and the profile settings you select to find suitable matches.  These settings allow you to choose the gender you are searching for, the distance (up to 100 miles from you), and the age bracket.
  • Flick through the profiles that are displayed based on your profile settings. If you have common interests (as selected on your Facebook account) and any Facebook friends in common, this will show up.
  • To select ‘yes’ to a profile that takes your fancy, select the green heart icon or swipe to the right. To select ‘no’ to a profile select the red cross or swipe to the left.
  • If the owner of your chosen profile also selects the green heart/swipes right for you– it’s a match and you can communicate via chat.


  • FREE – there are no charges for the basic functionality
  • For more advanced options they have Tinder Plus – that allows you to rewind matches (if you accidentally swiped the wrong way you can get the match back), swipe around the world, ads are removed and unlimited likes (i didn’t know there was a maximum)


  • Easy to set up, easy to flick through profiles with a simple swipe to the left or right
  • The rejection factor has been removed – you don’t find out who has chosen you unless you choose them!
  • As Tinder works on reciprocal likes, it removes the ability for those that you are not interested in to contact you.
  • Not interested – you swipe to the right (or hit the X) and you won’t be seeing them again.
  • It’s free without ads!
  • Simple to delete your account – no red tape, just a cancel button under settings.
  • Stuck for conversation starters? Tinder provides quirky suggestions to get you going and help break the ice. They are fun, entertaining and a little cheesy!
  • You can now use Tinder from your desktop if you need to give your thumb a rest.

Low Lights

  • Updating your profile photo on Facebook does not update your Tinder profile. You need to cancel your account and sign up again if you wanted to update your picture.
  • Slow down when you are swiping left and right. It is too easy to miss a great profile and potential match if you are swiping too fast.

Overall – Tinder is FUN and a little bit addictive! OK, a lot addictive.