Every good man needs a good app while he is looking for a good woman.  These top 5 apps for single men may be just what you need to find and help you win over a good woman!


Mixology Drink and Cocktail Recipes

mixology app - apps for men

An impressive skill to have is the magic of mixology. Whipping up a sweet cocktail will not only work for women but your mates will be pretty stoked with a tipple or two, as well.  This app has thousands of recipes for cocktails, shooters, punches, martinis and even jelly shots. Enter all the liquor and mixers you have on hand into the app’s memory and it will tell you exactly what drinks you can make. Now you just need to work on your bottle juggling skills, and you’ll be a cocktail pro.

 Tie a tie deluxe

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Let’s be honest, you should probably know how to tie a tie by now. But if you were lucky enough to skip the compulsory tie in school then you might need to brush up. This app features all the different knots you need for different occasions and has diagrams and photos too. Show your class and tie it right.

Nike+ Running

Nike app - apps for men

There’s nothing a guy loves more than a bit of competition. Nike+ Running lets you log all of your runs using your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to record your distance, pace and time and gives you audio feedback to keep you focused. You can share your runs with your friends, race each other and even set up a challenge with a group. It will keep you fit and if you find a date who also likes to run then challenging them to a race could be the ideal flirting tactic.


Engadget app for men

To keep up with technology news, reviews and research Engadget is your best bet. The app features the best of the popular website’s posts optimized for your mobile and the stream is non-stop throughout the day. You will find out about the latest gadgets and the science and technology behind them before anyone else. It’s perfect for commuters to read on the go.

 Weber’s OnThe Grill

webber app - apps for men

There’s nothing a good man loves more than a good steak. Cooking steak to perfection in your own home can be a challenge. The Weber’s On The Grill app has a timer that gives you the optimum cooking time for your piece of meat, it has recipes for sauces, marinades and rubs, and even instructional videos. There’s nothing a woman loves more than a nice piece of meat.

Who knew being a classy, well-dressed, fit and knowledgeable, excellent cook was as easy as downloading a few apps? Now you do!

Featured  Image Credit – Jasonitos.com