All the single ladies, All the single ladies…whu uh oh uh – put your hands up ON the best apps to help  a single lady out! Here’s the top 5 apps for single women to get you and your dating life organised.

Date Escape

date Escape - apps for women

The ideal app for those dates that are not going to plan and you need an easy way to escape. If your gal pals are too busy to give you a quick buzz then all you need to do is set the time and this app will text or call you. Add in a surprised face as you take the ‘Date Escape’ call / read the text and boom – you suddenly have an emergency to get out of there.

Stylish Girl

dating apps for women

Stylish Girl is a virtual closet and shopping app in one. You can catalogue your closet, match up outfits, shop online and get inspiration from the latest looks and celebrities.
Spend your downtime planning and choose your outfit for your next date. You will never be stuck saying ‘I have nothing to wear’ again!



For peace of mind regarding your safety this app is ideal. With bSafe you can set up your own personal safety network of friends and family. It uses GPS to share your location for those times when you’re walking alone at night or going for a jog on a secluded track. It also has live GPS tracing, an alarm that automatically triggers if you haven’t checked in by a set time, and for emergencies it has an alert button, which will send your location, video footage and set off a siren. You can never be too safety ready.


snapchat apps for single women


Women love to share everything about their lives with anyone who wants to know. Snapchat is a picture messaging service where you take a quick snap then send it to someone, who can only view it for up to 10 seconds. It’s the perfect way to send flirty pics of your cute outfit for the day, your lunch or maybe even something cheeky. He will only be able to see it for a few seconds so it will keep your guy wanting more and your pretty face fresh in his mind.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

receipe ideas - apps

There’s no better way to impress a man than with your cooking skills. Don’t have any? No problem! Dinner Spinner has recipes, step-by-step instructions, videos, shopping lists and a super search. Just punch in the ingredients you have in your fridge, or special dietary requirements, and it will come back with the perfect recipe.

Do you have any app suggestions for single / dating women?  Feel free to add in the comments below.

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