Have a date and not sure how its going to turn out? Follow our First Date Tips for Men to win her over and get on track to score your second date!

1. Arrive before her

If you are meeting out, don’t leave her hanging bro! Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the arranged meeting time. If you are picking her up, be on time – not early. She will need every minute to ensure she is looking smashing.

2. Confidence is Key

If you’re nervous, have a shot! Don’t get smashed. A quick shot will calm your nerves. Girls love a confident man. This is also an ideal moment to pop a mint. You don’t want her to smell the alcohol and think she is dating a ‘booze hound’.

3. Kiss her!

Not on the lips silly. That’s a bit forward. Upon her arrival, go for her cheek and if you can do a hug / kiss combination, that’s a double whammy. Touching early works wonders for chemistry and gets the date off on the right foot.

4. The Banter

Have you got good chat? Think of 5 things you could ask your date to get to know her on a deeper level. Forget the ordinary interview questions. Read the paper so you are enlightened about world events. Get an insight into her views. More importantly ask questions.

5. The Two F’s

Fun – be you, but the fun you! Problems, hell we all have them but we don’t want to hear about it on the first date – save that for married life. We want to know that you have a fun side. Funny! Girls love funny. Caution – don’t attempt this if you are just not funny!

6. Be Attentive

If you can’t keep your eyes on the lady on the first date, not much hope for the rest of your lives. A wondering eye indicates a lack of interest and makes a woman feel that she doesn’t ‘cut it’. The only outcome from this scenario will be you won’t make the ‘cut’ and will be placed on the ‘do not call register’.

7. Don’t be Tight

This feminist business drives me nuts. Let’s cut to the chase, if you don’t pay, we think you are tight. Pay and don’t make a fuss. Women don’t generally date to get a free meal. If she isn’t worth paying for, you shouldn’t be dating her.

8. Touch / Body Language

Don’t overstep the mark too early or you could blow it. Light touches on the arm and looking into her eyes are both fine. Keep your body language open and facing her. These simple things show her that you dig her. Women can gauge a lot just by the way a man positions himself. One more thing, do the ‘lean in’ to show you are interested.

9. Be a Gentleman

Open doors. Let her out of the elevator first. Keep her warm and offer her your jacket if it’s cold. Walk her to her car. Yes you heard right. Chivalry rocks!

9 Plus 1 more point – The Rules

The rules are, there are no rules! If you like her, ask her out again before you even finish the first date. I love a follow up text after the date saying how much they enjoyed me…. go on, do it! If she is not into you, it doesn’t matter what you do at this point. Nothing to lose!

The little things are generally the big things for women.  Be clean, be fun, be attentive, be you – just be and you will get a second date!

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