Follow our pre-date preparation tips to ensure that you are ‘looking the goods’ for your  first date.

 1. The Right State

It’s all about the right state of mind. Meditate, exercise, sing and dance around the lounge room. Do whatever you need to do to find your inner Unicorn. You want to be in a positive state of mind when you meet your date. Be ready to radiate your greatness.

2.  Dress the Part

Decide in advance what you are going to wear.  Be sure to pull out a couple of proven ‘trusties’ that have been winners in the past.  Avoid going for a new outfit.  The key is to be comfortable and stylish.

3.  The 3 S’s

Shoes!  Size matters – keep the heel the right size, ideally in line with the man’s height. Do you really want to tower over him? Style – a stylish shoe is essential.  Socialize – the venue may play a key factor in determining the chosen shoe so be mindful of the location.  In most cases heels are usually the way to go. Exceptions to the heel apply; such as grass / water dates.

4. Boobs or Legs

Choose! Repeat this sentence… ‘Never shall I be the bearer of both boobs and legs, I will choose one ’. If men get the full show at the preview, they won’t come back for the matinee. Men reading this will be flinching a little, but are nodding in agreement.

5. Squeezing

I’m a girl, I get it! I want to be a size 6. Honesty is the best policy. If you are a size 12, stop kidding yourself and step away from the 10. Stop squeezing and go with breathing. You will be more relaxed on your date if you can actually eat and not be afraid that your skirt is about to rip.

6. The Hairy Bits

Shave, wax, pluck, laser. Do with whatever measures you deem necessary to ensure that you don’t have a mustache or hairs on your chinney chin chin! Legs and underarms are a given – get rid of it. Men want to feel the smoothness of your legs, not a 3 day growth.

7. Grooming

Date night is not the right time for experiments. Keep your make up simple and in line with what you usually do. Wash your hair. Yes wash it. Spray perfume into your hair (from a distance) this works wonders if you have long hair – the smell is subtle and not over powering.

8. Lingerie

Wear your best Lingerie. If you know what you have ‘going on’ underneath you will feel amazing. I am a fan of the matching set. In fact every woman should never leave the house without matching. I did hear a scary little rumour that it was the latest trend to go with un-matching. Call me old fashioned but pink don’t go with green. Match it up. Keep it hot so you will be feeling hot.

9. Go Forth and Conquer!

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