The pressure of Valentine’s Days when you are in a new relationship, for some, can simply be overwhelming. Do you acknowledge the day? Plan something fun with your new beau? OR pretend it’s an ordinary day? To ensure that you still have a Valentine next year – I suggest that you celebrate Valentine’s Day with one of our ‘not to over the top’ yet entertaining suggestions.

How to Spend Valentine’s Day

  • A night at Gold Grass. In most capital cities you can watch a movie under the stars. Gold Grass comes complete with bean bag prime positioning and waiter service. Stars add the perfect romantic setting.
  • Candle-lit dinners are always crowd pleasers. If you don’t fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver, Uber Eats your dinner for two, and sell it as your own cooking creation. Some handy steps to pull this off –  1. Order 2. Delivery to occur before your dates arrival 3. Place contents into bowls/plates 4. Remove all evidence of takeaway containers 5. Place in oven to keep warm or fridge  6. Serve 7. Reap the credit…. make out session on couch (special note: tonight is not the night for garlic)
  • A night on the ice. Check out your local ice skating rink for a perfect date night of holding hands as you glide fall on the ice.
  • Wine Tasting is fun and interactive. Most capital cities run regular walking wine tours with experienced Wine Sommeliers.
  • A night of indulgent cocktails. Hit a cool rooftop bar that is famous for its Cocktail menu! Get in for happy hour and stay to the wee hours working your way through the Cocktail menu.
  • A Picnic. Picnics are a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Choose a park, beach or even your lounge room.  Have fun making the picnic basket together and enjoy lazing on a blanket as you take in your surrounds. (If you opted in the lounge room, your surrounds could be each other).

Gift ideas for Her

  • Personalised Chocolates. There is multiple evident that supports – women LOVE chocolates. If you want to go the extra mile and really impress, personalize the chocolates with her name or a special VD message.
  • Flowers!  It just has to be included on the list. Corny but true – 99.9% of women love flowers. Red roses are the chosen flower for the day but any flowers will do.
  • Indulgence. Purchase a massage, foot spa or facial. Any kind of pampering will generally work.  
  • Action! A day of action designed for the two of you.  Rock climbing, swimming with dolphins, canoeing, Horseback riding – the options are endless.

Gift Ideas for Him

  • A goodie bag. Mix up your own creation with a mixture of his favourite drinks/foods in a gift basket. If you don’t know any of his favorites just yet, take a guess and see what he likes the most.
  • A bottle of Red. Double bonus as you will hopefully reap the benefits of the finely chosen wine.
  • A Cook Book. It could only be deemed as helpful information to highlight your favourite meal.
  • The Gift of Excitement. Entitle your new partner to one wish! If this makes you nervous, give him guidance for the wish e.g. a cooked meal, bike ride together, a night of salsa dancing, jet ski lesson.
  • A handmade card. This is for the creative types. If you are currently experiencing images of glueing your fingers together skip this one.

Everyone has different expectations for Valentine’s Day. Woman are generally dreaming of the romantic movie style Valentine’s Day gesture when the mere male is just hoping he doesn’t stuff it up.

Whether its a big or small gift, or no gift at all, be grateful if you get to spend time together.  Don’t be hard on the other person if they don’t get it right, it gives them something to strive for next year.