Have you ever sat on your couch and sighed happily when your favorite rom-com ends? Of course you have! That couple from the movies is clearly perfect for each other in every possible way. But real life doesn’t always work like that, and unfortunately, neither do first dates. Some first dates are fantastic, and some are…  “experiences”.

So, what to text after a first date? Here are some ideas we’ve created for every situation, from the dreamy dates that you never want to end, to the hellish “where is the stupid waiter with the bill so I can leave?!” night out—we’ve got you covered.

Take a peek at these five first date temperature readings and some creative message ideas to get your fingers active and either lead to the next fantastic date or let the other person down gently:

Level 5

Sparks were flying all over the place. He or she wowed you, amazed you, and made you feel like you could pop on the next plane to Vegas to get hitched. Your first text message after the date should be aimed at keeping the positive momentum moving forward, so text something positive, flattering and witty.

What to text:

You showed up with a smile and left me wanting more.

Turns out you were worth the finger cramps I got from texting you..

Level 4

You felt a good connection with your date: they were funny, attractive and definitely a good catch. Keep their interest by reminding them of one specific (obviously fun) thing that happened during the evening, and keep your message similar to a level 5, with plenty of positive vibes!

What to text:

Just passed someone wearing your perfume and it reminded me of our fantastic night. Thanks for a fun night.

What a fun evening! I loved your stories…I’m dying to hear more.

Level 3

Your date had some cool qualities, and you enjoyed the conversation, but after all was said and done you were left feeling kind of mediocre about the evening. Attention! This is the critical zone where your first text message can turn the energy around and maybe transform your mediocre date into a keeper.

What to text:

Sorry if I was a little anxious…now I’m just anxious to see you again 😉

That was nice; maybe we can work our way up to amazing. What do you think?

Level 2

It might be a level 2 if you weren’t really attracted to your date, if they gave off negative vibes or there was just something that kind of annoyed you about them. Be nice and thank them for the evening, but don’t give them any false hope that there is more to come…

What to text:

I enjoyed your company, but unfortunately, I can’t see it going any further between us.

It was nice meeting you, all the best with finding the right one for you.

Level 1

If the person was rude, inappropriate or aggressive don’t send anything.

It’s hard to judge how the evening really went, and while you might have felt all kinds of wonderful emotions, it’s possible that your date didn’t feel anything. First dates are somewhat like job interviews. You can leave the interview thinking you “killed it” and still not get hired.

A lot of things go into attraction and even if you took a pre-date shower, have 5% body fat and speak eight languages fluently there is the possibility that the other person just isn’t into “your type”.

But don’t let that get you down! Someone out there is looking for just your type, and when you meet them, you’ll know just what to text them.