If you are asked this RIDICULOUS question ‘Why are you still single’, choose a clever response to guarantee the same person won’t be quick to ask again.

The following are to be used with nous and bravery.  Maintain ‘serious face’ at all times.

1.  I am having trouble finding a partner who is similar to my Dad / Mum.

2.  My dating schedule doesn’t allow for anything serious.

3.  I think I’m overly attractive and people struggle to relate to me.  What do you think?

4.  I believe in past life. I have a feeling that my soul mate is your partner. I don’t want to rock the boat, but are you ready for fate to take its course?

5.  I am having AWESOME casual liaisons.

6.  Why are you still married?

7.  My cat / dog would be jealous and it wouldn’t be fair to neglect my furry friend.

There is never a good answer to ’Why are you still single’. If you are the one asking- STOP NOW. If you are on the receiving end of ‘Why are you still single’ use the above bravely and abundantly.

Sometimes it’s a simple choice to not fight for the doona, cook for another or share a remote!

Have you heard any clever responses to this questions that could benefit all of single-kind?

Yours in Mouth Gaping…

The Datelicious Team