If you’re a single woman, the chances are you have already discovered Tinder and are an active participant or you are seriously considering giving it a go. To help you out with the ‘swiping’ fun, we have some suggestions to get you to the dating stage, whilst still maintaining your high-value status and easily making it to that all-important first date.

Don’t rule a man out because he hasn’t included a profile summary

You know, sometimes men just aren’t that big on the detail. Tinder, after all, is designed purely for snap decision making based on looks. Shallow we know – but let’s be honest, you will also be swiping-based on looks too. If a man’s profile photos have your heart rate up, what are you waiting for? Swipe right. You can get to know a little about them through the chat option.


I am an advocate of  ‘if a man likes you, he will contact you’… I know, a little old fashioned! However, in the spirit of embracing the modern world and if you are a ‘get on with it kind of girl’ then start chatting, you can use some of the suggested Tinder lines to break the ice (they are a little funny). Most importantly, for first introductions—originality is the key to standing out!

Let Your Friends Have a Go

Every married friend loves Tinder – and most cannot wait to take it for a swipe on your behalf.  In fact, I have friends that have taken over my phone on a few occasions -swiping left, right, and even discovered the Super-Like feature and had me matched with some interesting folk!  To my delight, one lucky swipe resulted in my most entertaining and fun relationships. Sometimes your friends will see something that you don’t and it’s not a bad thing to throw open your partner choosing to the married ones.

Be clear on what you want

 If you want a relationship that is ok!  If you want a hookup, that is ok too!  Be clear, be upfront and don’t be ashamed of what you are after. If the man you are chatting to is only after a hookup and you’re not, thank them, delete them and get back to swiping to find someone that fits with your ideal match.

Throw him a bone!

Both genders sometimes struggle in the ‘online conversation’ stakes.  Don’t be too hard on him if there are not many questions coming your way—throw out some great questions to keep the conversation going and look for ways to increase the conversation by changing topics, interests etc.

Progression is the key

Meeting online is great, but staying there for weeks on end is not so great. The key is to meet each other face to face. If a guy has stopped contacting you after a few weeks, delete and move on.

 Have Standards

 Ya gotta have some standards!  Basic fundamentals that are in line with what you will and won’t tolerate. It’s not about being high maintenance, it’s about value. Valuing yourself. Even though we are all on our best behaviour in the courting phase, if you are paying attention, red flags or concerning traits will make guest appearances. For example, if a guy keeps cancelling your arrangements, what does this say about his respect for other people and their time? Life happens, but you need to have some boundaries regarding what you will and won’t accept. Be clear on what yours are.

Tinder certainly gives women an ego boost in the dating arena. It is definitely worth a play and the swipe can become a little addictive.  Need to know more about Tinder?  Check out our review here.


Image credit – http://1ms.net