Stating the obvious – women love to talk. Especially when we are discussing our love life and for those that are dating – the finer details of each date.  Yes, we can  take credit for over analyzing, gossiping and discussing every move that any date makes. So, just what are the main things that we lay out on the table for scrutinizing with out friends?

Who paid the Bill?

Who paid for the bill at the end of the date is a hot topic. Did he immediately decide, “I’ve got this?” Or even worse did he say, “lets go halves?” Women love to gossip about this as it can be a huge indication of what kind of guy you are dating.  For women, its not generally about the money its about the principal and if you value your date enough to cough up for the first date.

What did they like and dislike about the date?

This is where we get down to the nitty gritty.  Swooning over the things that went well on the date and laughing over the mishaps and bad parts help women make their mind up about whether they want more dates or not.

How often does he call or text?

It is only natural as women that we read into texting and calling habits. If we don’t hear from him for days then we might start ranting to our friends that he is either texting a bunch of other girls or you cant understand why he has all of a sudden gone silent. On the other hand, if he texts or calls us every 2 seconds to ask “what are you doing right now!?” then we will probably be asking our friends for advice on how to get rid of him.

Is he attentive?

Women love analyzing about how attentive their man is; does he open the car door, notice your new hairstyle and remember your mother’s name? Or is he clearly thinking about football and catching up with his mates. Women love swapping tips on how they trained their man to be more attentive or when to just ditch him.

Does he have goals?

We all want our friends to be impressed with our new man and ambition is important. This is when we might choose to stay away from the truth, as telling our friends that we are dating someone who classes drinking 10 tequila shots, going skinny dipping and having a threesome as their major life goals could be a little embarrassing.

What about the kiss?

Discussing the kiss is the juiciest part of girl talk when women are dating. Was there any biting, was it passionate?  The kiss is the part that further builds attraction and the first one can be a make or break moment.  No pressure – but true story.

No matter the circumstance, its instilled in women to over analysis some of the tiniest of situations.  The stories we make up (in our own heads)  can be oh so entertaining!  

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