We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Yvonne Allen, the founder of Yvonne Allen and Associates.

The first thing that strikes you about this incredible self proclaimed ‘out of the box match-maker’ is how she radiates happiness and oozes life.

Having been in a successful business for over 35 years, the team can boast about the many happy couples they have brought together, so many that they could potentially fill a football field.

Best described as a boutique service, the team is equipped with a detailed insight into the key ingredients required to meet a life partner. With a database of targeted professional clientele they specialise in dealing with those who are ‘time poor’ and appreciate assistance in the love department.

We uncovered what you need to know if you are looking for a partner and interested in giving Yvonne Allen and Associates the opportunity to assist you to achieve your relationship goals.

How the Process Works

The consultants have professional offices located in the heart of the CBD in both Melbourne and Sydney. They cater for clientele located throughout Australia, with an initial meeting conducted at either of these offices.  Upon arrival you can expect to be warmly greeted and have a consultation with one of the professional team members to determine how the Yvonne Allen method of finding a potential partner could meet your needs.

In discussion with you, the consultant will determine which program would be the most appropriate; this may include coaching and personal representation.

Search Function

Yvonne Allen clients are introduced based on in-depth information about each individual, and normally do not see a photo of the potential match prior to their first date. “Yikes!” might be the first thing that comes to mind; however, Yvonne advises that many people who have partnered through the consultancy welcomed the idea as dating based solely on a photo didn’t meet their preconceived ideas about meeting ‘the one’.


As part of the Yvonne Allen package you have access to a secure members’ area. Once a mutual match has been determined, you are both sent an email with details regarding your potential match. You can choose to meet with your match or reject the offer. If both parties would like to meet, you will each receive a further email informing you that the match-up has been successful. At this stage, contact details are exchanged and it’s up to you to make contact with each other.

After the first meeting, the Yvonne Allen team will touch base with both parties to obtain feedback on how the date went. A second date is always encouraged due to the nerves that generally accompany the first.

If your date went well and the match-up has been successful Yvonne and the team will check back in after you have been on a few more dates and obtain feedback from both parties. If you decide that, while a friendship may develop, romance is unlikely, the consultancy will then select another profile for you to consider.


  • The fees vary but the majority of clients are in a 6–12 month program for $8,400 +GST.


  • A professional and experienced consultant will undertake the searching for you.
  • An in-depth approach that matches you with those who share the same relationship values and goals.
  • Consultant follow-up from your first meeting to find out what the other party feedback is. These findings can be used for future dates.
  • There is a guaranteed minimum number of introductions which is determined based on the program you select.

Low Lights

  • The fees are an investment that may be difficult for some; however, it is indicative of the clientele and those who are genuinely interested in assistance when it comes to finding a partner.
  • Relinquishing the power to choose a partner based on looks; however, as Yvonne states, looks may be misleading. A meet-up based on physical attraction alone is likely to lack the foundations required for a lasting relationship. After your first meet-up you might find that this is in fact not a low light at all.


The Yvonne Allen team can be summed up as ‘modern-day love finders’ with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to meet a life partner. With a firm grip on the world of relationships and tried and true methods, Yvonne Allen and Associates should not be overlooked by single business professionals looking for that special someone.

From our review, it is evident that part of what makes Yvonne Allen and Associates successful is that they come from a place of ‘Yes’—everyone deserves a great relationship. Something we should all consider when looking for love!

Considering taking a chance with Yvonne and the team? Find details of how to take the first step below.



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Phone – Sydney

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